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Online Store Questions:

1) What’s the quality of the music files I’m buying?

2) What is DRM? OR Are my files DRM-free?

3) Why can’t I find the music or video that I want?

1) What’s the quality of the music files I’m buying?

The tracks available from our store are encoded using mostly MP3 audio format in high-end CD quality sound - normally 264kbps. We strive to ensure consistent high audio quality throughout our catalog. However, different bitrates are available for different products.

2) What is DRM? OR Are my files DRM-free?

DRM stands for digital rights management, which is a method of copy protection that controls usage of media files.

The majority of our offerings are MP3 files. MP3 files come DRM-free.

3) Why can’t I find the music that I want

We're constantly adding new artists and downloads to our catalog, which already offers hundreds of thousands of songs.

We are working with record labels, distributors, and artist management to offer you the broadest and best catalog of digital downloads possible. However, in a number of cases, we are limited by the desires of the artists or their management not to sell their music digitally online.

If you search for an artist and do not find any results, it's possible that you typed your search correctly, but we don't have any downloads to offer you for that search at this time.

You may also need to check your spelling as the content you wish to obtain may be available to you.

Many of our stores are specific to certain record labels or contain content based on the client's needs. In these situations, content can be limited to chosen downloads or designated content. If the store you are visiting is specific to a record label, you may wish to visit their website to explore the artists that they offer.